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5ml Sterivax Pack - Chilvers Country Supplies

5ml Sterivax Pack


Product Information

The Sterivax Pack is a Sterimatic Needle System, to give up to 300 automatically disinfected and accurate injections. The Sterimatic Needle System includes a Sterimatic sleeve and Stericaps - The Sterimatic sleeve is a retractable sleeve which fits onto the syringe and around the needle, helping to protect it. The Stericap is a precision moulded plastic container, which fits into the Sterimatic sleeve and contains foam soaked in disinfectant, which cleans the needle as its used. The needle is protected before use and automatically cleaned as it enters the animal, passing through the Stericap.

The Pack comprises:

Phillips 5ml semi-disposable vaccinator Draw off system 1 Sterimatic sleeve 3 Stericaps 3 18g x 1" needles

Product Code: 5MLDZON670


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